Sunday, May 15, 2011

Where Do I Come From?

Whence comes one's world view...

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A correspondent at CFI forums asked "Do we learn our skepticism from books, experience, or hearsay?"

My atheism was cultivated in my weekly Roman Catholic Catechism classes.

My agnosticism was acquired reading on anthropology, astronomy, cosmology, history, natural history, neurology, philosophy, psychology, religion, and theology. Still working on it.  If ever I no longer lack knowledge I'll let you know.

My humanism was nurtured by my family - most all of whom were or are persons of faith, and my friends - some of whom were or are not.

My secularism arose from personal experience and a reading of history.

My skepticism came from pounding through my iPhone podcast directory at 2x playback speed.

My recent and incomplete bibliography is here.

My current podcast listening schedule is here.

I propose to remain a work in progress.

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