Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Essence of Trump

In 1415 words...

Goldie Taylor, Editor-at-Large at The Daily Beast, has written a marvelous essay about all that's wrong with presidential candidate Donald Trump, as well as the hearts of those to whom he appeals. Louis CK's "This guy is Hitler" email screed earlier this week was flailingly heartfelt. On The Media's satirical performance of  Jon Lovett's "Looking Back On A Trump Presidency" is at once hilarious and horrifying. But in her 1415 word essay in the March 5th issue of The Daily Beast - Can Trump Bully His Way To The White House - Ms. Taylor absolutely nails it!

She tells us that the other GOP candidates "possess neither the gravitas nor the electoral might to save the GOP from the darkest impulses of its base."

She reminds us that Trump's "ugly nativist theology and racial animus" was once an embarrassing but deniable element of GOP politics, but now such jingoism is not only tolerated on prime time but lapped up by frightened, angry whites.

She warns us that Trump is a schoolyard bully who has surrounded himself with a thuggish following that sees itself as the victim.  The GOP may act chagrined but the truth is Trump "is simply taking the wheel of a car that was custom-built for him."

If you love our republic - especially if you hope to see it live up to its highest aspirations - you must read Ms. Taylor's succinct and frightening analysis.

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  1. Stirring up racial fear seems to be a recurring theme in our national politics. The only thing that seems to change is who's turn it is. I seem to recall that the Irish and Italians at some point in our history played the part of the dirty unwashed and unwanted heathens.
    The only thing that's worse than it being introduced into the political dialogue by whatever particular party decides its in their best interest is that the voting public, or at least a large enough slice of it takes the bait and encourages it.
    I've been thinking recently that its fortuitous that I'll be leaving the military on the same month that whatever new Presidential administration is sworn into office.
    I can but hope that we're spared another cycle of immigrant fear mongering. At least that which is encouraged by the government.