Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Den

My idea of man cave is coming together...

Another bookshelf bit the dust on this move so I only put out the books I haven't read yet. The "read" boxes will probably go to the loft as time and energy permit. The friends who helped me move kept muttering about "public libraries" and "Kindles" for the duration of the whole move. They might be on to something... I'll set up the iMac after Cable One visits next week.

PS Cell phone coverage is so spotty up here I'm having a land line installed with my cable service...quell retro

1 comment:

  1. While I use the kindle app on my iPad, and have a healthy collection of references stored as PDFs, I still have a fondness for paper books. Beyond never having to count on batteries, there is something very comforting to immerse yourself in a book stretched out in your favorite chair as you travel by way of your fingers seperating the pages and moving it from right to left.
    Perhaps the corollary about real friends helping you move bodies really applies to moving books.