Sunday, March 24, 2013

"Watched a Movie Titled 'Love.'"

"Very odd," he said...

Such was the text that popped up on my iPhone at 8:01 pm Saturday evening.  My buddy Mark does that sometimes, texts me out of the blue, like he was sitting there talking with me.  

"The Science Fiction one?" I asked hopefully after a quick Google of the title.  Mark would have to turn over a frightening new leaf or two to suddenly start watching romances on the weekends.

"I had to look it up what it meant on IMDB cause I didn't get it," he added.

Color me intrigued.  Since he pointed me toward a rabbit hole I returned the favor.

"If you want real confusion try Primer.  Maybe you can tell me what happened."  Bwah ha ha!

Anyway, I grabbed the iPad and the earbuds and watched Love cold.  Very odd indeed.  It's an independent film produced by a band called Angels and Airwaves on a shoe string budget that was not betrayed by its excellent production values.  

Yeah, I didn't get it either...

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