Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Measured Voices

And rational analysis are needed...

Hidden in the chaff of lurid headlines, breathless reporting, and endless screen bottom scrolls are some people who are taking a measured and rational look at the tragedy in Colorado.  It's causes are complex, the details still murky, and the solutions unclear but these folks are using their indoor voices and have taken the time to scratch beneath the surface.

Aurora Police Trained for Major Shooting Spree, by Robert Beckhusen

'Dark Knight' Shooting: Mass Murder Up, Even While Gun Violence Down by Ron Dicker at Huff Post.  Actually, mass murder is holding steady but at least he provides some of the statistics.

The Fear Factor, by Mark Ragins

Viral Violence: Do violent attacks occur in clusters? By at Slate

Warning behaviors sought to stop killings, by Bob Ortega of The Republic | 

Warning signs of violence: What to do, by Dr. Charles Raison

We’ve Seen This Movie Before By Roger Ebert

What Bank Robberies Can Teach Scared Moviegoers, by Nick Catrantzos

Several resources were not written in response to the Aurora shootings but provide useful background, assistance, statistics, or perspective.

10 Tips to Mitigate Workplace Violence and Threats By Felix P. Nater for Security magazine.  Felix has been one of the go to guys on this issue since the beginning.

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  1. Thanks for providing some "wheat". Most appear to be pre-Aurora which is good. After 3 days (Fri-Sun) of entire newscasts dedicated to this subject I'm a bit worn out. Nothing else apparently happened in Colorado, the country or the world in those three days according to Denver news outlets. Understandable, but tiring. The harder they try to cover the story, eventually taking the tack of remembering or honoring the victims, visions of Emmy and Peabody awards dancing in their talking heads, (wow, that was cynical) the less effective they are. Audiences just tune out unless they have some morbid fascination. But that's an entirely different topic. You're a constant source of good, sound reference material. Thanks again.