Thursday, June 7, 2012

Twelve Hours To Go

Until the US premiere of the film event of the summer, if not the year...

Ridley Scott's Prometheus is opening Friday morning at 12:01 AM, and we'll be there!  The prequel to Alien (apparently, sort of, mostly) features Noomi Rapace (the original Lisbeth Salander from the superior Swedish film production of the Millenium "Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" Trilogy, rowrrr!) and will give us some back story on The Space Jockey.   Yee Haa, Waa Hoo!

UPDATE: Prometheus is sumptuous to the eye, but key details don't line up with those experienced in Alien.  Of course no one told us they would (actually , we were told they probably wouldn't), but the discontinuities are unnecessary and create more questions than the movie purports to answer.  The screenplay was penned by the co-creators of Lost, which is not automatically a good thing.  The story features many traditional Science Fiction and Horror tropes and a ship load of "redshirts," about half of whom meet their end in single inexplicable scene.  Still, Michael Fassbender's David is awesome, and Noomi Rapace is captivating of course.  There are times when Ridley Scott's vision shines through and others when he manages to channel the best of Stanley Kubrick in his 2001: A Space Odyssey phase.  I'll be going back. 

REUPDATE: Saw it again and liked it better the second time. And it was great fun watching the audience squirming like worms during "that scene."


  1. I enjoyed it. It is a decent return to form for the Alien franchise, which lost its way with the "versus" films. On a side note, in the beginning of the film, when we see the "superior species" sacrifice himself for life on earth, the animation of the double helix in the waters reminds me that this ubiquitous image has replaced the animation of the atom that dominated mid-20th century popular culture. It may be safe to say now biotechnology is the future. I guess it will have to do because the evidence for the possibility of time travel is not happening.

  2. Although I haven't seen it yet, I have to disagree with you about this: sci-fi tropes aren't necessarily bad, and involvement from the creators of Lost probably is ;)