Thursday, April 5, 2012

Adjustments, Tweaks, Revisions, and Recissions

Change is the only constant...

After 425 posts I have again resorted the labels I use to describe my posts.  The list now comprises: civics, critical thinking, education, ethics, firearms, friends, history, humor, hunting, law, leadership, movies, outdoors, politics, religion, risk, science, security, service, and skepticism.  I could probably reduce the list further by merging more synonyms. 

Is civics as well described under ethics or leadership?

Is critical thinking the same as skepticism?

Is ethics a subset of leadership?

Must law have its own category?

Your ideas - for more words or fewer - are welcome.

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  1. "Civics" stands strong apart from leadership and ethics. Is a citizen's duty always to be ethical? What if the state fails to act ethically? I think it's more interesting to pose how these ideas interact rather than assume they're synonymous.

    I don't know if you can have criticism without skepticism.... they both assume some kind of evaluation, some faith and trust held in suspense.

    Is leadership a subsect of ethics?

    In order for law to have its own category you must fill out form C-387, sections III-XVII in triplicate and have them notarized then stamped at the Bureau of Categorization between 9 and 5 (expect long lines, especially at lunch).

    That'll teach you to invite my smartass opinions onto your blog ;)