Saturday, March 24, 2012

Like Jelly Bean Recipes

Sometimes challenging podcasts are best consumed in unlikely little handfuls...

I got a little depressed the other day listening to Jeffrey Sachs LSE talk titled The Price of Civilization.  Bitter, but worth it.

Then I had a helping of About Time, which partly lifted the weight of Sachs' gloomy analysis.  Hmmn, better.

I added a Lean Start Up talk by Eric Ries for a taste of creative destruction and reflective leadership, which mixed with About Time to create a sense that there are many smart people with good ideas that can help us dig our way out of our current troubles.  Hopefully spicy.

Topping it all off with The Bodhisattva's Brain: Buddhism Naturalised, by Owen Flanagan left me feeling balanced and sufficiently suffonsified.  A smooth finish.

They don't look like they'd go good together, but they become something special once you start chewing.  Try it, you might like it.  Better yet, share your creative learning recipes with the Eclectic Breakfast. 

Seriously, someone make grass, dirt, and soap flavored jellybeans?  Yes, apparently they do...blech!

Image credit: Michelle Hume

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