Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Is God a Moral Monster?

A little light reading...

This book is recommended by William Lane Craig whenever someone asks him tough questions about the vengeful all too human god of the Old Testament.  I'm actually reading a response to Copan written by Thom Stark titled "Is God a Moral Compromiser." I'm reading it on my iPhone using the free PDF/Comic Reader Bookman Lite app.

UPDATE: I finished Thom Stark's extremely detailed review of Copan's book.  How detailed is this review, you ask?  Well, at 344 pages, it's 92 pages longer than its subject.  Stark does a compelling job illustrating where Copan's arguments are weak, highly selective, or downright deceptive. If you walk away from Copan thinking the Old Testament YHVH wasn't all that bad, then you should read Stark too.  So, having said all this about Stark's work I suppose I have no choice but to read Copan's entire book as well.

Another Update: As of 28 October 2011 the review is now available in a Kindle format.  Still free.

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