Monday, December 27, 2010

200 Posts and Counting...

As I approached the 200 posts mark I revised my labels and adjusted other minor details... Thanks Sam!

The labels now include anthropology, astronomy, blogging, compassion, critical thinking, education, ethics, firearms, friends, humor, hunting, law, leadership, medicine, memoir, movies, natural history, outdoors, politics, reading, religion, risk, science, security, service, skepticism, woo.  Added are anthropology and natural history.  Gone are alt med (there being no such thing), bicycling (the single entry now covered by outdoors), evolution (covered better by anthropology, natural history, or science), pseudoscience (there being only good science and bad science) and strange (still addressed by woo).  I've revised the labels assigned to many posts appropriately.  I'm still trying to whittle down the label categories.  Are there other labels you'd apply?  Are they any others you'd remove?

I've also given in to market realties and will link book titles to instead of always appears on the first page under when I Google book titles, but Barnes and Noble rarely does, so switching the online retail source will save me some keystrokes.  Yes, and if I ever monetize The Breakfast Amazon has comp programs that BN doesn't.

I've taken to linking the credit for Sam Mugraby's wonderful photographs back to his royalty free photo site  Again, if you need stock photos of the highest quality, check out Sam's work. 

Now, if I could only figure out why my readers never leave any comments about my posts...

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