Thursday, July 21, 2016

Another Treat

From Mike Olbinski and Kerry Muzzey...

I discovered Mike Olbinski and Kerry Muzzey by way of a Twitter post by Phil Plait last year suggesting that Olbinski's short film, "Monsoon II," was worth a look.  It certainly was.  Thanks to Kerry Muzzey it was also worth a listen.

Olbinski has another short film out this year called "Vorticity."  Again it features music by Muzzey; this time his single "Found."

Yet again Olbinski's utterly amazing timelapse weather photography is empowered by Muzzey's ethereal yet powerful music.  Either are impressive in their own right, but combined they exceed the sum of their parts in a wondrous way.

Watch "Vorticity." Then go rewatch "Monsoon II."

Photo Credit: Mike Olbinski via Vimeo via

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