Friday, January 31, 2014

Violent Death in the Workplace

The trend persists...

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The 2012 BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) CFOI (Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries) shows the downward trend in the number of violent deaths in the workplace continues.  "Violence and other injuries by persons or animals" accounted for 17% (as in 2011) of an slightly smaller quantity of occupational fatalities.

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As in years past Type I - Criminal offenders and Suicide account for the bulk of the tragedies.  Type II, III, and IV continue to garner most of the headlines.  

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  1. I think this is caused by stress -- overworked employees would just like to end their misery then and there. It's a sad fact backed-up with statistics and no one's taking a step in stopping this ongoing trend. We have a lot of movements for raising awareness, but I barely here an advocacy against suicide. A crazy idea came to me just now: Instead of just using industrial security cameras to spy on people's behavior, they could use this technology to observe and save someone from commuting suicide. I said 'crazy idea' right?