Monday, October 14, 2013

Hey...Something New At The Deer Rifle Sight-in

Not at all a deer gun, but cool...

Make that mighty, awesomely, wickedly cool.  When the day's activities were completed at the gun club's annual public deer rifle sight-in this past Sunday a fellow club member brought out his Shrike "uppered" AR15.  A belt-fed 223; what's not to like?

Otherwise, success and failure came in most of the same flavors as past years.


Ruger American bolt action.  Easily the finest looking entry-level bolt-action rifle I've ever seen.  Shoots fine to.  Très Elegant, Très Chic!
Most any scope that cost more than $125...especially Redfield, Burris, Leupold, Zeiss, and Trijicon.


Any scope that cost less than $99...especially Simmons or TascoAack! Thpt!
Scopes on shotguns...especially when attached to pump guns using saddle mounts
Doodz! When the iron sights work better than your cheap scopes or their flimsy extruded alloy mounts that's called a clue!

This was my last hurrah at the gun club, seeing as I'm moving from Minnesota to Arizona for a new job.  Hanging out with other civic-minded shooters at our annual deer rifle sight in has made for for some shining times.  Fare thee well!

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